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IRM(72): The Forbidden Retirement Solution

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Everything You Need to Know About IRM(72)

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May 22nd, 2018

When my wife's great-aunt Esther died, we were all understandably sad; nobody likes to see a cherished family member shuffle off this mortal coil. But, all told, she was 98 years old and had lived a rich, full life...

She was an "old-school" frugal lady with a penchant for costume jewelry and thrift store dresses. When we cleaned out her apartment, we even found years' worth of saran wrap and unused rubber bands. Esther let nothing go to waste...

That's why we were in total shock when we found out this wonderfully unassuming lady was actually a secret millionaire...

When I found out how she did it, I was shocked at how simple it was...

You see, Esther used a little-known stock loophole that allows regular folks like you and me to collect compound interest on a select few stocks... without ever paying a broker a dime. She never had to check her portfolio, she never paid trading fees, and she sure didn't have to fork over 3% of her wealth for a money manager to move around a basket of stocks.

In fact, her investment was locked in on autopilot and made more and more money each and every year without anyone having to lift a finger.

We call this the IRM(72) plan: Individual Retirement Multiplier...

And Esther wasn't the only one. We found dozens of ordinary Americans that have tapped into this hidden strategy...

  • Kathleen Magowan, a first grade teacher, built a $10 million fortune through her IRM(72) plan. The funny thing is, like Esther, her neighbors and family members never had any idea she was a millionaire.
  • Then there's Grace Gray, who turned a small $180 investment into a whopping $7 million from her IRM(72) plan. She keeps quiet about her success, but she'll gladly tell you how thankful she is for her IRM(72) account.
  • Another gentleman, Mike Rogalski, is a millionaire in the making. He holds several IRM(72) accounts and plans to retire MUCH earlier than he ever thought possible.

The best part is that this strategy is immune to stock market crashes. In fact, when the market goes down, you actually accumulate more shares on the cheap! If you're interested in a cushy retirement, then an IRM(72) plan is a no-brainer.

We've put together an entire report that shows you how to set up your own IRM(72) Plan today. Claim your copy of “IRM(72): The Forbidden Retirement Solution” today. Just tell us where to send it below.

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